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Why We Do What We Do


Where it All Began...

Hannah Williamson was born and raised in Loveland, Colorado, and still lives there with her husband Steve, children Zane and Zoe, and bonus son Saber. Another little soul is on the way, due to be born in February 2023!

In June of 2016, when Zoe was 3 months old, Hannah ended up in the emergency room with a severe gallstone blockage - resulting in 2 surgeries in 2 days to remove her gallbladder and gallstones. The day after she got out of the hospital, she started a personalized nutrition program at a local clinic that specialized in Nutrition Response Testing to help her body adjust and heal. 

Over the course of the next couple of years, she saw massive improvements not only digestively, but also in reduced weight, inflammation, recurring infections, and in her mood/mental energy. After seeing the incredible changes that were possible, she started Zane, currently 5 years old, on a program as well - focusing on healing severe eczema and skin rashes, as well as behavioral issues, that conventional pediatricians had had no success at treating.

...What Was Missing...

While dietary improvements and whole food supplements took care of 85% of their problems, some emotional aspect of her healing still felt missing. Due to minor complications during Zane's birth and severe postpartum depression, Hannah felt that some form of therapy would improve her connection with her children. She was introduced to Emotion Code therapy during counseling sessions with Zane - and realized that this was the missing piece! Her 5 year old became a whole different kid in just a couple weeks - his angry, screaming tantrums disappeared, and she felt like she had her sweet little boy back.


...What Happened Next...

Hannah knew she had found her calling as a healer in Nutrition Response Therapy and Emotion Code. Since she was in grade school, she had wanted to enter the counseling field in some capacity. College didn't feel like the right fit, and now she knew this was what had been waiting for her! She began trade school in Florida, traveling for an extended weekend every month for just over a year until she graduated as an Advanced Practitioner in Nutrition Response Testing. About halfway through attending this program, she started the online certification process for Emotion Code, attended in-person classes to become attuned as a Level II Usui Reiki Practitioner, and finished up with multiple certifications not only in nutrition and energy healing, but also in belief clearing and life coaching.

Hannah saw patients for Nutrition Response Therapy at the same clinic she had healed at for almost two years before starting her own company, Eight Sages Wellness, focusing mainly on energy work and quantum healing. 

...Where We Are Now

Hannah is passionate about helping people understand the information their bodies are trying to communicate with them, and using this information to apply extremely personalized and effective changes to gradually shift toward building a healthier, happier, more sovereign life. She loves to constantly be in "student" mode - whether that means learning something new about parenting, personal development, relationships, or science/medicine/the human body.

Her goal is to enable her clients in their own personal power, recognizing that they already have everything they need within them to heal! Sometimes we just need some help turning on the light.

What if our subconscious brains were actually trying to help and heal us - and our traumatized, conscious brains are missing the signals? What if our bodies know exactly what they need - if only we understood it's language and knew what questions to ask? 

We can't wait to provide insight and answers to as many beautiful humans as we can, and look forward to serving you in the future!

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