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Healing Modalities

What's all included when you book a Quantum Healing Session?

Hannah has certifications in several different areas of health and wellness. Instead of trying to pick and choose which might be appropriate for each client, we roll all our offerings into one versatile session. By asking the body directly what it needs most, we can more effectively and efficiently start you down the path of healing!

After choosing an area to work on, whether that be physically or emotionally based, we generally start the session using Emotion and Body Code, Subconscious Belief Clearing, and Frequency Installation. Nutritional testing and recommendations can be included as needed. Your session is prepared for using Reiki healing energy, which is also infused as we release and clear trapped energies in the body. The session is concluded by installing positive beliefs and affirmations; something empowering and happy for the brain to focus on as you begin changing the way your body is wired.

Emotion and Body Code

Using Emotion Code and Body Code charts, we can zero in on which exact emotions, energies, toxins, or imbalances are present in the body's energy fields, systems, organs, and glands. To learn more about Dr. Bradley Nelson and these modalities, visit

Body Code Brochure
Emotion Code Chart of Emotions

Subconscious Belief Reprogramming

1000 Beliefs Root Chakra

Believe it or not, our subconscious brain (about 95% or higher of our brain's capacity) is what runs the show of our lives. It is the unconscious thought patterns we hold that dictates what behaviors we repeat, why our bodies behave the way they do, and why we sometimes feel stuck in our relationships, our finances, and the way we talk to and think about ourselves. With the 1000 Beliefs charts, we can directly ask the subconscious brain what limiting, negative beliefs it's holding, and reprogram the way it views reality. We can also then replace these negative thought patterns with positive, life affirming ones.

To learn more about the creation of these charts, visit

Frequency Installation

"Healing occurs when there is a shift between the harmonious and disharmonious energies in the body. To make that shift, you need a way to dialogue with your energetic field.

All organisms, including you, communicate by vibrational energy.  Your cells will use this vibrational energy first before using the chemical communication system of your body.

Manipulating this vibrational energy is much more efficient than giving chemicals to the body. 

In Energy Balancing by Numbers, Lloyd Mear provides the source codes for this vibrational energy in the form of numerical sequences. These numerical sequences hold a charge, an intention, and they activate specific frequencies that should be present in a healthy body. They bring the body back online."

To learn more about Lloyd Mear and his work, visit

Nikola Tesla Quote

Nutrition Response Testing

Hannah muscle testing a patient

Using the science of Applied Kinesiology, we can muscle test the body to find root causes of illness and dis-ease. By asking the subconscious brain what organs are under stress, and more importantly, WHY, we can design a clinical nutritional program for healing and detox. Because of the level of pollution on our planet, and food that grows in topsoil that has been completely stripped of minerals and nutrients, our bodies need more help than ever to maintain healthy functions. Symptoms of illness only occur to alert us to deeper rooted issues. If we do not address the real problems, and only mask symptoms with medications, or even natural remedies like herbs or essential oils, these symptoms will come back in a different form to alert us that again, the root problem is still festering. Utilizing dietary adjustments and supplementing with high quality, real food supplements, we can give our physical cells the building blocks they need to regenerate healthy organs and tissues. 

Reiki Therapy

Reiki healing is simply the channeling of Universal energy through the hands, or with intention through the mind. Direct touch is not needed to experience the benefits of this type of healing. Originating in Japan, Reiki is one of the oldest known therapies, used by many Ascended Masters throughout history. If Emotion Code resembles energetic "surgery", where the offending energy is simply identified and released, Reiki can be compared to an energetic massage, and can rebalance the chakras, or energetic centers of the body. This gentle, flowing energy can be an excellent technique to employ all on its own, or combined with other therapies to enhance the feeling of relaxation and stress relief.

Reiki Benefits
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